Marine life holidays: the best way to discover the sea and enjoy your summer!

Live an unforgettable experience and find the treasures hidden under the sea! Live a Marine life holiday!


Have you ever dreamt a silent and peaceful world, where you can wave gently and thoughtless? A world of water and colours, where sounds are soft and smooth? Did you ever hear the whales’ and dolphins’ sounds, or discover the mysterious depth of the sea with a remote operated underwater vehicle?

You can do all this and much more if you decide to live a Marine life holiday!

Wait a minute! What is this?

This is a special way to enjoy vacations! A wonderful experience of marine ecotourism!

It is something that my husband and I were dreaming since several years. We are both marine biologists and divers (see our link about us). We were working in an Institute of Fisheries Research (my husband still is) with the prospective, and especially the salary, of biologists (if you don’t know, not that much! at least in Greece).

We, especially I, were bored of our life style and of the sleepy rhythm of a small city in the Greek province. I had a “dream in the drawer” that I couldn’t give up. I have called it “Laboratorio Natura”. Oh, yes! I am Italian, so I dream in Italian!

Then, I decided to translate it in English to make it more comprehensive and less serious. Et voila! This is how “Marine life holidays” is born!

But, what “Marine life holidays” is, exactly?

It is a centre, a kind of mix between an ecotourism and a research centre. A world where tourists can enjoy a boat cruise, feel the “wind in the hair” sensation, snorkel in nice bays, see (if they are lucky!) dolphins and sea turtles.

Scuba divers can dive into the blue, explore the prettiest underwater path of the zone, eventually take photos and videos of the little marine treasures and freeze this way their exciting experience.

University students can follow summer schools in marine sciences, marine researchers can undertake a specific study, thanks to a super equipped vessel (see our equipment) where they can accomplish their field work and surveys.

Experts of several disciplines can attend conferences about different aspects of marine life and marine research or about sustainable tourism and ecotourism.

So, the dream took place! The limit is only our imagination!

Marine life holiday is a dream experience for tourists, divers and marine experts, willing to enjoy and discover our wonderful Mediterranean Sea.

So, come and join us! We will share our dream with you!

Adamas: the owners of Marine life holidays!
Come to meet the owners of Marine life holidays tourist business 'Adamas', Pavlos Vidoris and Cristina Barbara Milani with their two beautiful and sweet girls Natasha and Alexandra.
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If you need some information, if you want to do some suggestions, if you want to share your passion for nature with us, please contact us!
Summer holidays' fresh proposals for you!
Special summer holidays: naturalistic tours around Thassos Island, environmental education for kids and adults, dolphin watching in the Gulf of Kavala!
Our boat: the Explorer
The Explorer is a boat for all the activities: marine research, bottom cartography, underwater video and photography, marine excursions and much more!
Our e-shop on Etsy!
Do you like our underwater pictures and you would like to have some of them hung on the wall? It is now possible to buy our uw pictures on line on etsy!
Adamas marine equipment
A 15m boat fully equipped with high technology marine equipment as ROV, underwater cameras, hydrophone, plankton samplers, stereoscope and much more!
Here you are: Adamas’ awards!
Gaining awards from the President of Greece himself, knowing the Greek Minister of Development, achieving congratulations for the ecological and educational content of our product were really great.
Curriculum vitae Cristina Milani
Curriculum vitae of Cristina Milani, born in Turin (Italy) on the 23/04/1970. Degree in Biology. Master in Environmental Education. MPhill in Marine Biology (in course).
Curriculum vitae of Pavlos Vidoris
Curriculum vitae of Pavlos Vidoris. Born in Athens (Greece) on the 02/11/1965. Degree in Environmetal Studies. Master of Science in Marine Biology. Technician in Fisheries Research Institute.
Marine science activities
Scientific diving, ROV underwater investigation, sea bottom cartography, dolphins’ sound recording, and these are only some of the marine science activities that you can discover with us.
Underwater video: Under the surface!
This 25’ underwater video describes an adventurous journey through the still unknown Gulf of Kavala, discovering the wonders and the mysteries or the marine world.
Underwater camera and scientific photography
Armed with underwater camera, lights, curiosity and patience you can discover one of the most beautiful activities: underwater photography!
Sea bottom cartography: a deep look over the sea bed.
Look at the sea bed through the underwater cartography and bathymetry, to discover the hidden shape of the marine bottom and its secret composition.
Hydroelectric dam lake cartography
Even in an artificial lake, limited by a hydroelectric dam, it is possible to undertake bottom cartography!
ROV: twenty thousand leagues under the sea!
Have you ever waved 100 meters under the sea surface? With an ROV underwater camera you can explore the marine depths without even getting wet!
Dolphin's distribution survey
Following dolphin's movements, understanding their behaviour, look into their difficult and contradicted relation with humans, these are some of the aspects that involve cetacean survey.
Sea birds nest survey
Around inhabited seabird islands, surrounded by flying sea birds, two members of the Hellenic Ornithological Society enterprise nest surveys a board of our zodiac.
Nature tours on zodiac and sailing boat
Come to enterprise nature tours: the wind in the hair and a great sensation of freedom, discovering new hidden bays and islets, snorkelling in teal blue waters, and much more.
Sailing cruises in the North Aegean Sea!
Sailing cruises in the most beautiful islands and coasts of the North Aegean Sea.
Original "Greece accommodations" in Kavala’s area.
Do you need classic or original "Greece accommodations" in the prefecture of Kavala? Have a look to this page!
Summer 2009: the day after!
Daily tours in summer 2009 around the Island of Thassos!
Summer 2010 proposals!
Environmental education for kids and adults, naturalistic tours around the Island of Thassos to discover its underwater beauties are some of our proposal for Summer 2010!
Marine biology: where science meets art!
Marine biology is one of the most wonderful scientific subjects because it investigates beautiful living organisms in a peculiar environment.
Marine ecotourism: a most natural way to take vacation!
Ecotourism or ecological tourism: a sustainable and responsible form of tourism where particular focus is given to ecological and social issues.
Marine zoology is where the fantasy of nature gives its best!
Come and take a journey into the marine zoology taxonomy, step by step, starting from the simplest animals to the most evolutes ones.
Cnidarians and Ctenophores.
Next step in evolution, after sponge, is the presence of radial symmetry. Cnidarians and Ctenophores are the first two Phyla of animals presenting this kind of structure.
Marine worms: a heterogeneous group of mats.
Few others organisms are colourful and beautiful like marine worms! Platyhelminthes, polychaeta, echiura are the most impressive group in our sea.
Mollusca: a large group of soft friends!
Mollusca is a major phylum with a large number of species including snails, clams, oysters, squid and octopus. Molluscs have successfully adapted to fresh and salt water as well as on the land
Crustacea: hard skin, soft inside!
Crustacea are the most common Arthropods living in the marine environment. They include shrimps, crabs, lobsters, krill, barnacles and many more, which are colonizing also fresh waters and lands.
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