Explorer: a boat for all the activities ... and much more!

It is true! Explorer is really a vessel for all the activities! This is the first year that we own it (we have it from spring 2009) and we come just to discover some of the many possibilities that it offers.

Of course, during the summer we especially used it for natural excursions and boat trips. We organized especially daily tour around the Island of Thassos, driving our guests in the most magnificent beaches and bays of the island.

Our boat was studied with a very big main deck, ideal for several activities as diving, plankton and benthos sampling, marine lab on board and ROV investigations and demonstrations.

Moreover this wide space is very practical also to caring other equipment, as the complete diving equipment for several divers and ... why not? Our beautiful canoes! And, last but not least... to host a happy crew of children and adult ready to leave for a new adventure!

Also the front deck is very wide and allowed us to equip it, for the summer period, with two comfortable wooden deck-chairs. It was really a race among our guests to reach first the deck-chairs and to enjoy the sun and the wind on the front deck!

Explorer has a pilot cabin that, a part of all the marine equipment and electronic devices, also host 2 double sit and a small kitchen. 2 comfortable bathrooms are also present with a WC, a sink and a shower each one. Explorer also has 5 beds in separated cabins, 3 in the main cabin and other 2 in 2 smaller cabins on the rear.

Of course, for who wants to sleep under the stars, the vessel offers a wide space on the front and on the main decks for mattresses and sleeping bags.

Exploiting the possibility of the boat to host people sleeping, we also organized several week ends with night on board or, for bigger groups, we slept on some of the most beautiful and desert beach along Thassos’ coastline.

Thanks to the very wide room on the main deck, once was also possible to put two igloo tents and do camping on board! It was great: no noise, no hot, no mosquitoes!!!

Unfortunately summer is gone and all the nice summer excursions are gone with it.

Doesn’t matter! During the autumn we had time to focus again on other goals. It was time to remind that we are biologists, too and to work us biologists! In fact, during this autumn our activities on research programs started again.

Pavlos drove Explorer up to Kalymnos and Lipsi in the Dodecanese (!!) to attempt a program on artificial reefs, in cooperation with the Fishery Research Institute of Kavala. From the North Aegean Sea to the Southern part of it for a research and diving program!

Now it is winter and it is time to slow down the boat activities and to get ready for next year’s activities. We are now planning our season 2010. As soon as we are ready we will put our program on line.

Anyway, from the past season we have already understood that Explorer is really a flexible vessel designed for many kinds of marine activities, from the most relaxing to the most exciting!

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