A hydroelectric dam can't stop our team to undertake artificial lake cartography!

During the period 2006-2007 we enterprise two cartography surveys over a hydroelectric dam on the artificial lake Granitis, in the District of Drama.

The goal of the survey was to attest the state of the artificial lake and to guarantee the dam safety and the top shape of the entire structure, as well.

Pavlos was despatch to accomplish this mission! He went with other two external co-operators from a local diving centre. The three fellows, fit out with full diving equipment, left for their destination. They reached the survey place with our Land Cruiser, which allowed them to carry and to drop safely into the artificial lake our super-equipped zodiac.

Our Land Cruiser pulling our zodiac

The zodiac carried a Olex ES60 cartographer and a Sonar for bottom cartography and bathymetry analyses. Moreover, thanks to a ROV (remote operated vehicle) underwater video camera, the team could record the lake bottom and follow the parameters’ measurements.

Finally, despite the cold of the winter months, our heroes dared to perform a diving survey in the freeze water of Granitis artificial lake. The visibility underwater was... how can I say? ... Disappointing! to use an euphemism.

The lake team

Lake diver

From cross-checking the data obtained from the different survey’s methodologies, the team revealed that the artificial lake had a big amount of particulate, deposited by the affluent river. This was the reason for the not optimal functioning of the whole system.

Lake cartography

Lake underwater

At he end “all well what ends well!” The result of the survey gave to the electric society the answer that they were looking. We have just to believe that later they took the appropriate measures!

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