Nature tours and you will be brand new!

What is better than nature tours to renew and recover lost energy?

Whenever we are tired, bored, exhausted we feel the need to get in touch with nature, to take a walk in the wood, to have a swim in the sea, just to take a breath of fresh air. We need to stay close to nature to recharge our batteries.

This is what a naturalistic tour can achieve. A part the didactic contents, the knowledge of the marine world and organisms, I think that very important is our most subtle psychical need of nature.

Nestos river

For this purpose we undertook several naturalistic tours, especially on our zodiac, but also with the sailing boats of some of our friends and co-operators.

Each summer we sailed with the “Aichinous” (Sea Urchin) of our Italian friend Michele Torre, around Fidonissi (Snake Island) and in several parts of the Gulf of Iraklitsa.

In 2007 we took part in a regatta from Kavala to Thassos with the sailing boat “Danai” owned by Theodoros Giannakoudis, excellent sailing teacher at the NOK (Nautical Society of Kavala). With the same boat and with the same wonderful teacher I followed also the course and I obtained the sailing licence.

Time to time we co-operated also with Mr. Iannis Bourazanis who rents his sailing boat “Apodrasi” and engages tours in all the North Aegean Sea, from Thassos to Chalkidiki up to Sporades and eventually in the Ionian Sea (only on demand).

 Sailing on Aichinus from Michele Torre

Sailing on Danai from Theodoros Giannakoudis

Of course, we undertook pleasure trips with naturalistic interest on our zodiac. Normally we go to the sea from spring to autumn and we drive our guests to small inhabited island to swim and snorkel. Or we look for cetaceans during our dolphin watching surveys and give our visitors the sensation of a close encounter.

My preferred target guests are families with children. I like very much their expression when they discover something new. I like to see their eyes full with surprise when they, for example, see dolphins bow riding in front the inflatable or proceeding close to the boat.

Naturalistic tour with zodiac

Dolphin watching on zodiac

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