Sea birds nest survey with the Hellenic Ornithological Society

During spring 2007 we undertook a sea birds nest survey, with two experienced members of the Hellenic Ornithological Society, in several parts of the Gulf of Kavala. We went with our zodiac around the Snake Island (Fidonisi) in Iraklitsa, where the HOS team discovered nests of many seabirds species.

After the tour from the sea, the HOS team got down on the island to take a closer look of the nesting colonies. In a cloud of flying and mobbing seagulls, terns and puffins and escaping cormorants, our heroes managed to successful complete the nest census of Snake Island.

Team on zodiac for sea bird nests' survey

HOS team on Fidonissi for nest survey

The survey continued more quietly till the southern peninsula on the Gulf of Kavala, the Vrassida Peninsula.

The next day our “dispatch” was even more adventurous: we made the whole tour of Thassos Islands. With our zodiac we left from the port of Iraklitsa directed to our destination. First we surveyed the islet of Thassopoula, a very beautiful and coloured small island, close to Thassos. Then, we undertook the tour of the Green Island, and the small islets and rocks surrounding it, real paradise of numerous seabirds species.


Cormorants on Thassopoula

The survey was very successful! The HOS team found an incredibly high number of nesting seabirds’ species. This is due to the particular characteristics of the area to present a wide richness in rocks and inhabited islet, where seabirds can find a quite place to nest undisturbed, far from human annoyance.

For us was a very beautiful and enriching experience to work with two experienced and valid members of the HOS. For me was also a refreshing of my dusted ancient memories of the period which I was doing bird ringing in the magnificent French island of Corse.

Cormorants on Fidonissi

Egretta garzetta on Fidonissi

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