Looking back to Summer 2009!

After a long silence, due to our summer 2009 activities, here I am again! Now I am free to finally up date our web site and to stay more in contact with you. From now on, I will also continue with the Marine Biology pages, which I have stopped at the beginning of the summer.

Summer 2009 is gone and it is time to do an evaluation of our job. Because of the long delay that we suffered during the construction of our boat, this year we started very late and with a partial program. But we are already planning 2010 activities, which will be improved and well organized. So, don’t miss to look to our up-date!

About this past summer we can say that we enterprise different bags on board of our naturalistic 14 meter boat in the Gulf of Kavala and around the Island of Thassos. We started our summer activities in mid June 2009 and we ended in mid September.

The daily tours around Thassos Island were the most beautiful experience that, both our guest and us, could ever live this summer. We meet wonderful people from various parts of Europe and we had a very nice time with them. With some of them we are still in touch and a nice friendship was born among their children and ours.

I can assure that our guests passed a really nice time: they saw for the first time an ROV and they were captured by the images projected on the screen, they played with the canoes, they swam in the transparent water of Thassos, some of them made a dive with one of us as naturalistic guide and many of them made their “baptise”, their first dive.

With some of them we had the possibility to made very nice dolphins’ observations, where beautiful specimens of common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin were bow riding on our boat, surfing on the waves that we create and jumping like acrobats, leaving all of us with a feeling of beauty and harmony that only dolphins can inspire!

Some of the tours that we proposed, especially in the Gulf of Kavala, had a more didactic content and illustrated deeply the marine biology and the ecological aspects. A small Power Point presentation was exposed and followed by the vision of our 20’ video “Under the surface: Gulf of Kavala”.

Then the ROV was then sent down the sea, either alone or with a diver (Pavlos) showing some particular organisms or biotopes. I was normally on board to illustrate our guest the images that the ROV was capturing and showing on the screen.

These didactic tours were directed to the citizens of the municipality where our boat is hosted and to the student and teacher of some local private schools (frodistiria).

In one of these tours we had the joy to host for free a group of children from the national organization for children rights “To hamogelo tou paidiou” (The smile of the child). We were all very happy to offer this particular experience to our little guests, to host them on our boat, to see the surprise in their eyes when the ROV was sent down to the sea bottom. It was a much enriched experience!

At the moment the boat is working to several scientific projects in cooperation with the Institute of Fisheries Research of Kavala, where we are engaged in the cartography of several areas of the Aegean Sea, down to Kalymnos!

We are anyway preparing a new program for 2010, so... stay in touch!

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