Looking back to summer 2010 in Thassos!

Here we are, with a budget of the activities of Summer 2010! You can also have a look at the link for the previous year’s activities (Summer 2009).

Naturalistic tours with our 14m boat, the Explorer, fully equipped for environmental education, naturalistic exploration, diving and snorkelling activities or just for holiday and relax, took place also this year.

Departures were from Limenas port and, especially, from Makryammos beach in Thassos Island.

Moreover, from June to September 2010, we had a very positive collaboration with the very best hotel in Thassos, Makryammos Bungalow! There, I cooperated with the staff of the Mini Club, teaching Environmental Education to the young guests of the hotel.

A full environmental education program was carried on, on weekly base and several amusing and educational activities were planned. Our proposal was to give to the children some basic information on sea life and sea organisms in a playful and amusing way. We want that children learn to know, love and respect the sea and that they enjoy and get fun at the same time.

This philosophy meet the full support of the illuminated direction of the hotel that wish to offer a valid and quality program to its children’s guests, more than a simple entertainment.

During summer 2010, the guest and the visitors of Makryammos Bungalow had the possibility to assist, once a week, to some DVD projection of our production and to evening presentation on marine biology and environment.

As well, activities as beach cleaning, underwater photography exposition (our production, of course) and other naturalistic activities were also organized during the summer period in cooperation with the Makryammos Bungalow.

So folks, as you can see, last summer we moved in two main directions. One, we still enterprised daily naturalistic tours with our boat, the Explorer around the magnificent Thassos Island; second, we undertook an environmental education program for children and for adults with Makryammos Bungalow.

From feedback that we had from our guests, it was a really great summer! The activities that received the higher demand were:

• the half day tour to Granvoussa Island with the Explorer

• the diving first experience with the Explorer (normally it took place at Granvoussa, too)

• the full day tour to Alikes with Explorer

• the snorkelling activity at the Mini Club of Makryammos Bungalow.

So, now you have a guideline! We are waiting for you!! Go immediately to our proposal for next year! Don’t miss it!!!

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