Here we are! Adamas: the ‘brilliant’ minds behind Marine life holidays!

Hello, my name is Cristina Barbara Milani and I run 'Adamas' Marine life holidays tourist business, together with my husband Pavlos Vidoris and our two beautiful and sweet girls Natasha and Alexandra.

The owners of Adamas: Pavlos and Cristina

Natasha and Alexandra

Our base is in the Island of Thassos, in the North Aegean Sea, and we work as well in the Gulf of Kavala on the continent, where we live during the winter.

Pavlos is an ichthyologist (see his detailed CV, it is very interesting!). He has still a conventional work at the Fisheries Research Institute of Kavala, which I hope we can get rid of it, soon.

The world is so big and beautiful! I like to be free, not bound to a place! And, especially, I like to dream and see my dream coming true!

But, let me take a step back!

Not always things go as you planned!

How we ended in this ‘out of major tourist circuits’ place, to drive a tourist business?

I come from Turin in the North West of Italy, a beautiful royal baroque city at the foot of the Alps. I am a marine biologist and Master in Environmental Education, with topic Mediterranean and Tropic seas (see my detailed CV, if you interested). At present, I have concluded my PhD at the University of Malta; it regards a research on dolphins-small scale fishery interactions (a real thorn into the flesh for both the involved parties! researchers too).

I came in Kavala at the end of 1996 for a one year grant, with the idea that I wouldn’t stay any longer. But ... not always things go as you planned!

I am now here since 18 long years, with a hansom Greek husband and two wonderful and lovely girls, 17 and 16 years old.

Dawn on Thassos

I always dreamt to visit the world in any corner and to live in beautiful places, working in a natural park with wild animals, surrounded by a rich and free nature.

But I found myself trying to ‘invent’ a profession, doing all kind of jobs that you can't even imagine. Passing through technician in a fisheries research institution, Italian private teacher, biology teacher (till now is OK!!), waitress, saleswoman, network marketer, baby sitter and I don’t remember what else.

All this for very few hundreds euro/month (when they remind to pay me! Something that, I discovered in the last years, is not as obvious as it should be).

After about 10 years I made a budget of my professional life and I decided: something HAS to change! Why should I have studied so much, so many postgraduate courses, so many sacrifices, for what? To make underpaid, without insurance jobs that half of them I could have done after the mandatory schools?

And where is the natural park with wild animals and the rich and free nature surrounding me?

Something MUST really change!!

So, in 2005 I decided with my husband to build our own business. With a funding of the Region of Easter Macedonia and Thrace we raised up our small scale marine research business. We called it Adamas, which means diamond. Good beginning!

Diving in Thassos We equipped it with a 6 meter zodiac, which we stuffed with eco-sounder, GPS and a precious cartographer, we bought a wonderful ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle), a rebreather, some extra diving equipment, underwater cameras and video camera (see out Equipment, you will be amazed!) and ... Adamas was ready!

In 2006 Adamas produced a DVD of some of the most beautiful underwater path in the Gulf of Kavala. We dived in all the area and we made hour and hours of underwater recordings. At the end we assembled our ‘masterpiece’, where are described the different environments of the Gulf of Kavala and their underwater inhabitants, from the most common, to the most colourful and the strangest one. (The video “Under the surface – Gulf of Kavala” will be available online soon).

Spirographis spallanzanii

In 2007 Adamas got some jobs from several Greek public and private organizations. We have undertaken a program of sea bottom cartography for the University of Xanthi and the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. We have done some seabird nest surveys with the Greek Ornithological Society, driving around all Thassos Island with our zodiac (hard life, isn't it!)

(see our activities in our link). Finally, in 2008 Adamas managed to get a new EC funding and my husband and I dared to enterprise a project that was bigger that our own believes (and patience!! unfortunately). We built a 14 meter tourist boat, Explorer, we equipped it with all the tricks that you can imagine and... now we are ready to discover unexplored new worlds!

This summer you will find us in the Gulf of Kavala and around Thassos Island with our Explorer, driving tourist and divers around and enjoying the most beautiful beach and sea bottom of the coast and of the Green Island!

(see our summer proposals).

We on our zodiac Apodrasi

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