Now it’s awards ' time!

After presenting our activities, I think it’s time to show you our awards. We are very proud of them.

The first and most beautiful award that we obtained it in May 2006 thanks to the program Technogenesis, was nothing less that at the Presidential Residence (Megaro Maximou), directly from the Greek President Carlos Pappoulias!

At the beginning of the meeting, the President spoke us all together and later dedicated little bit of his time to each one of us singularly. He spoke to me in Italian, he told me that he attempted one of his PhD in Milan; I was excited because I attempted my Master in Milan.

I was very touched to speak to Carlos Pappoulias because I find him a very great person, with deep humanity and sweetness, characteristics extremely rare in modern politicians. This country needs this kind of people to come out from the state of disorganization and corruption in which find itself.

At Megaro Maximou with President C. Pappoulias

With President Carlos Pappoulias

Speaking with President Carlos Pappoulias

Another interesting experience that Technogenesis offered us was to receive a special recognition for our marine business in the frame of the “Week of Research and Technology”. This event took place at the Zappio Palace (Zappio Megaro) between June and July 2006.

There we had the honour to meet the Greek Minister of Development Dimitris Sioufas and other local authorities. Min. Sioufas expressed his congratulations to us and to the other 11 business owners, giving all of us special recognitions for our innovative business plans.

Award ceremony at Megaro Zappio

With Minister Dimitris Sioufas at Zappio

Awards at Megaro Zappio

Last but not least, another award that gave us a lot of pleasure was the Special Prize assigned to our documentary “Under the surface: the Gulf of Kavala” at the “9th International Panorama Festival of Independent Film and Video Makers” of Patra in September 2007.

There we received a Special Recognition for the Ecological Content of our documentary. This made me very happy because to aware people about the environment is for me a basic goal of our activity.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be present at the Festival because we were in Italy at that time, so we don’t have any photos to propose you. Never mind, here there are some another photos from our video!

Spirographis spallanzanis

Periclimenes sp.

A final recognition we obtained that fulfilled me with joy, was the Unicef recognition in the frame of the “Decade of Education for Sustainable Development” 2005-2014. This was given again to our documentary “Under the surface: the Gulf of Kavala” for the educational and didactic content of the video.

Also this time I was very happy, because my favourite target to aware about the environment is children. Their minds are still so fertile and they get excited so easily!

Logo Unicef for the Decade of Education

So, these were our recognitions. Of course we are in trail to get more. The list is going to grow!

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