Our e-shop on Etsy is here!

Do you like our underwater pictures? Would you like to have them on your walls? On Etsy web site it is now possible to buy our uw pictures on line! (www.etsy.com/shop/marinelife)!

Etsy is a site of handmade goods where you can find whatever you can imagine, from small furniture to homemade soaps and candles, from handmade jewellery to pictures and photos. And it is exactly there, in the link Art – Photography, that you can find our pictures!

I started to upload the pictures from the exhibition that we held in Kavala at the end of April “Diving into the blue”. For those that couldn’t come, it is now possible to see the pictures on line, and to choose the ones that they will want.

Almost every day I upload few photos, so our e-shop is growing continuously. After the exposition photos there will be the time for other pictures that we have on the site. Don’t miss them!

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