Adamas’ marine science activities and marine research

We founded Adamas at the end of 2005.

Since then we have undertaken several marine science activities and marine research.

We first produced a 25’ documentary about the Gulf of Kavala. The movie shows several underwater characteristic paths, where divers can meet and discover marine organisms and communities present in the area.

Acetabularia acetabulum

During these years, we performed different marine researches with some local and national institutions. We engaged the following projects:

• Scientific underwater photography

Sea bottom cartography

Artificial lake bottom cartography

ROV investigations

Dolphins’ distribution surveys

Sea birds nest surveys

Naturalistic tours with zodiac and sailing boat

Olex cartography

On a sailing boat

It is also our particular interest to divulgate marine disciplines to common people, in an easy but complete way. During my Environmental Education Master's field work, I discovered the pleasure to share my knowledge in marine biology with people. It is very satisfying when, after a lesson of marine zoology, they tell you: “Ahh! It was an Ascidian that red stuff stuck on the rock! I though it was a sponge!” (See our link about it.)

Environmental education in school

But the most joyful of all, is when your audience is an enthusiastic group of children! To do environmental education in the schools, to bring simplified marine biology and marine ecology concepts to the children, is one of the most beautiful experiences that I ever had in my job. You HAVE to see our link about it!

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