ROV: twenty thousand leagues under the sea!

What is a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) underwater camera?

Imagine a world cold and dark, where movements are soft and quite. Now imagine a light shining into the darkness, and an electronic eye spying this silent world. Can you see the optic fibres cable transferring the images till the surface? And now look at us, sitting on a boat deck, in from of a 42 inches screen, admiring the beauties of the sea unexplored depths.

Homarus gammarus

Spifographis spallanzanii and Discodoris atromaculata

This is what a Remotely Operated Vehicle system can do. And this is what we are going to offer in our proposals this summer in Thassos! (Link)

By now, we attempted this kind of investigation in the frame of the survey of Granitis artificial lake, as already mentioned.

We attempted also several informal investigations in the Gulf of Kavala either from the land or from our zodiac.

We didn’t work for any specific project; we just made some underwater observation, with and without diver (until a certain depth, of course!).

The system is quite easy to use: on the surface one person drive the R.O.V. with a joystick, like in video games. He can easily regulate the direction, the depth, the speed of the vehicle. It just needs a little practice and if you are good at the play station, you will be an excellent R.O.V. driver!

The only thing that you should be careful is not to get mess with the cable and especially not to cut the cable with the boat propeller!! You should use the system ONLY when the boat is stopped in a suitable place.

Of course, from the land is easier, at least you won’t have problems with the propeller!

Rov joystick


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