Fresh proposals for your summer holidays

(and much more)!

Here we are again, with our new proposals for your summer holidays! This year we are not only presenting a summer program, but we start with some spring activities and we want to end with autumn activities, as well.

So, let’s go with the proposals!

Do you remember our boat Explorer?


From April the Explorer will be available for daily or two-day tours during week-ends, after according with captain Pavlos! So, if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form at the end of this web page!!

Do you remember our inflatable Apodrasi?

During the month of May it will be possible for few lucky volunteers, to take part at the project: Monitoring the cetaceans in the North Aegean Sea, which is a cetacean conservation project, run by Adamas for future conservation management. The activities in which you will be involved are:

Field observation on board of a 5.70m inflatable or on a 14m research vessel for species detection and population ecology investigation. During surveys, data on species, number of individuals, number of mothers and calves, behaviour, dolphins’ set and change in set will be recorded. Photo-identification will be enterprise on the individuals.

Stranding data collections and stomach content analysis IF stranding occurs during the permanence of the volunteer and/or stomachs are available in the lab for analysis.

During the stay, lessons and information on cetacean biology of the area will be given. At the end of the period a certificate of participation will be given to the volunteers.

So, if you are interested in this activity, please contact us for details, using the form at the end of this web page!


And here we are, ready to present our proposal to make magic your summer holidays!

Also this year, we are going to collaborate again with Makryammos Bungalow from June to September!, thanks to the very good cooperation that we had with them. As last year, I will cooperate with the staff of the Mini Club, teaching Environmental Education to the young guests of the hotel.

The activities for adults and young will be, as the previous year, video evenings on Marine Biology, DVD projections and presentations on marine biology, dolphins and Mediterranean environment. You can see the page on Summer 2010 for more details (link).

But the best is that we will enterprise, like last year, day trips to several destination along Thassos Island, as Granvoussa, Skala Potamias, Alikes, Arkangelos, Astris or, on demand, we can arrange a magic tour of Thassos for groups and families!

During the trips there is also the possibility of diving tour for licensed divers and diving first experience for everyone (from 9 years old)!! Of course, experienced and certificated divers will guide them in all the underwater “steps”.

You really don’t have to miss these summer holidays' activities!! From last year we had such a good feedback from our guest, that we couldn’t believe it! With some of them we became friend on Facebook and we sometimes communicate through e-mail. All of us, guests and crew, we really spent a good time!


During Autumn schedule, you will be able to enterprise the activities already proposed in the Spring program. That means:

• daily or two-day tours during week-ends on board of our boat Explorer

• take part at the project: Monitoring the cetaceans in the North Aegean Sea during the month of October.

So, go up on the Spring activities chapter to refresh details!

We are waiting for you!! Don’t forget to contact us!!!!

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