Under the surface: a magic underwater video of an adventurous journey!

In 2006 the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace commissioned us an underwater video documentary for the tourist development of the area. This happened thanks to the EC funding that we obtained at the beginning of our adventure.

Because it was our first experience in this field, we have done, of course, the double of the effort to obtain the half of the result! But, anyway, in everything it has to be a first time! And this was our first time!

With the advices of a director and a light technician, we dived spring and summer 2006 in a wade area of the Gulf of Kavala. We got crazy with white balance and light exposition and we collected many, many, many, many hours of recordings. Pavlos spent also numerous hours -and numerous beers, as well- in the assembly hall for the editing.

At the end, tired but satisfied, we proposed our video: "Under the surface: Gulf of Kavala", where 6 underwater paths of relevant beauty are presented. We enriched the video with images from our cartographer, showing the sea bottom and the diving profiles.

Underwater path

All the different environments of the area are presented:

• The shallow rocky bottom luminous and rich in many fish species, looking like an aquarium

• The deep rocky bottom with its numerous lobsters (Slurp!!) looking at you curiously

• The sandy bottom with the precious Posidonia meadows, nursery for many young fish species

• The underwater cave with its quiet and shy inhabitants, living their gentle rhythm out of time and space

• The wreck, now shelter and home to many marine organisms, vegetal and animals

• The shallow, oasis in the sandy underwater desert of the sea bottom Octopus vulgaris

Periclimenes sp.

In March 2007 we presented our video "Under the surface" at the 9th Festival of Documentary of Salonicco. In September 2007 we presented it at the 9th Festival of Cinema of Patra, where we got a Special Award for the Ecological content of the documentary.

The Festivals’ organizers played our video in 40 towns in all Greece!

Since 2006, every summer in all the villages along the coast of the Province of Kavala, our underwater video is presented during the summer manifestations and events.

This is very satisfying!

Diplodus spp.

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